PRO Audio is Here.

Who they looking for?!

This year has already been quite rewarding and we’re just now moving into early spring!

The label is featuring acts such as: Bizzy215, representing Atlanta and the Philly movement, following with Rafuusa’s “ice-cold” release of Amplify 2.0, to add to the already killer set list. Next, Kat, also known as Kat Red Rose – introduces the club vibe/hype EDM single, which will debut at her show in Mid May.

Why not gamble when you’re feeling lucky? Well for this dynamic duo, known as Twin (J and Press) – they got their eyes set on their next single, with another release to follow up. The single will feature and debut a new female artist, by the name of T.

The studio vibes are just now starting to simmer as we cook up the late night sessions, keeping that Buffalo underground flavor, at its grittiest!