Enter the World of Pro Audio!

The Pro Audio Platform is launching soon and this is something you don’t want to miss!

What exactly is this ‘new’ platform? Well for starters, it’s for artists, producers and musicians!

“The platform (community) will give the aritsts/producers/musicians of the label a home to manage and administer their work. You’re talking about the future of the music business and the recording industry; a project that is gaining a lot of momentum but it still tightly ‘underwraps’ until the developers are ready to reveal more to the public.

The multimedia-designers at FMG (RA Record’s parent company) are projecting the prototype will be in beta early next year.

Furthermore, the Pro Audio Platform will not only enable its users (artists, producers, musicians etc.) to submit their work, professionally; it will offer exclusive services for its members, such as: mixing, mastering, pro rights affiliation, publishing and more! “The service will combine the power of the online experience, with a modern twist – the music business” says Exec. Prod. Anthony Michael.


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